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Accounting is a very practical tool, which satisfies the needs of organisation in the economy, using precise and statistical methods to calculate accounts.

This basic accounting course is aimed at teachers, students in the accounting field who wish to strengthen their knowledge and all those people who want to learn how to have a better financial heritage.

In order to meet the objectives set out in the basic accounting course, we will study classes covering topics such as:

  • Introduction to accounting.
  • Assets: goods, rights, obligations.
  • Assets, liabilities and net worth.
  • The accounting balance sheet.
  • How accounting accounts work.
  • Accounting assumptions.
  • Expenses and outgoings.
  • And many other topics.

You don’t need basic knowledge, but if you have a theoretical foundation in accounting it will be much easier for you to understand the subject matter that this accounting course provides you with.

This course only costs 100$.