Operative Accountant

In recent years there have been major changes in the way companies market. The digital revolution, together with the new needs of customers, have given way to a new type of marketing that is much more customer-centric, in which it is the customer and not the company that has the power: it is they who choose the channel through which they want to be served, they participate in the improvement of products and services through their messages and complaints on social networks, etc.

The main objective of the course is for the student to become a professional marketing specialist, learning the fundamental aspects of marketing products and services and learning about the latest trends in one of the areas such as:

  • To train professionals capable of successfully facing the responsibilities and commercial and marketing decisions in their professional development.
  • Provide the skills that enable the professional to align and coordinate the functions and activities of the commercial area of the company.
  • To integrate the vision and general objectives of the company with the policies and strategies of marketing, sales and CRM.
  • To develop the participant’s ability to lead and coordinate work teams with maximum effectiveness.
  • To train the participant to analyse the reality within the current processes of continuous change; to know how to select, develop and apply commercial and marketing strategies in accordance with the organisation’s business plan and to have a thorough knowledge of the new marketing models and techniques in order to be able to decide which ones are optimal in each situation.
  • To provide fundamental knowledge about digital marketing and the management of social networks.
  • Teaching the latest trends in neuromarketing and knowledge of consumer psychology.

This course only costs 100$.

In this new era, marketing professionals are needed who are capable of adapting strategies to different types of audiences, who are not afraid of the new technologies brought by the internet and, above all, who are very clear about the need to communicate with audiences through different channels and with different messages adapted, and practically personalised, for each occasion.

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